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5 Affordable Office Design Ideas

We all have our reasons for wanting a well decorated office. Wether it is to impress or connect artistically with our client’s emotions or lifestyles - or driving inspiration to yourself as well as your team. Perhaps your offices needs a strategic layout for maximum organization and operational functionality.

  1. Head to your local furniture maker or thrift shop:

Your Local Furniture Makers:

These venders can sometimes be much cheaper than the big chain furniture stores. The quality also tends to be much higher and long lasting. You’ll find really original pieces that were made by hand from the owner. These are great for giving your office some originality!

Your Local Thrift Shop:

This is a place I go regularly as the pieces you will find are not just extraordinary but super affordable. We did get a lot of our surface pieces from thrift shops as they can be cleaned and re-used but we wouldn’t recommend purchasing sofas of cushions from a thrift shop unless they are still sealed in their packaging considering you don’t know the state of the actually item or what it was used for. I’ve found the most unique formative pieces for my office here which is why I highly recommend them to anyone looking for unique & affordable decor.

2. Decorate Sustainable with Plants!

Plants are probably the most beautiful decor that has zero impact on the environment. Plants really make a space vibrant and artistic in the most simplistic way. Add 4-5 large plants and there’s your decor. Plants are affordable, sustainable and striking which is what every office needs for a great impression and ambiance. The only thing to prepare yourself for is plant-care. If neglected they can be quite the opposite of beautiful - an eye sore. Maybe sure to water your plants minimum of once a week!

3. Open floor plan layout

Office Design layout

The layout of your office could cost you! Many business owners like to re-model their office by creating closed offices or separations. These can rank up your bill by the thousands! Open concept offices are generally loved by most people as long as you separate the desk areas (if your SQFT allows for it!

4. Order wall decays:

Office Decor

Wall decays are great alternatives to expensive wall papers. It takes just as much time to put up but with no message and much more room for customized design layouts. They’re super affordable and easy to remove or move around. A few cool companies I can across are:

5. Cozy office essentials:

Office Decor

Simply making your office cozy will give it a warm feeling. Adding homely furniture pieces really make the space usable such as a sofa for break time or meetings, TV, gaming console. I’ve added an espresso machine to the office’s kitchen as it’s fun to use and saves employees a few bucks every month on their coffee. These features may not be the prettiest but they’re comforts that create long standing satisfying ambiance.

It's so important to us to have a space that works for our team! I hope you were inspired by our simple and affordable office design. We had so much fun designing it and setting up the decor! For more small business advice you can always subscribe to our pages to get all of our newest updates and more blog articles just like these!


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