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BE FEATURED: ReGen Holistics Therapies

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

ReGen Holistic Therapies is an acupuncture-centered wellness clinic located in British Columbia. ReGen Holistic Therapies is a small group of holistic health enthusiasts who are passionate about health and wellness. They are dedicated to provide you a holistic treatment like acupuncture and other TCM modalities and massage that supports their customer's well-being-both physical and mental. Their goal is to create a comfortable, healing and empowering experience. They pride themselves on offering an atmosphere offers a holistic place of healing, relaxation and an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Meet The Owner

Rowena Booth, Owner of ReGen Holistics Therapies

What services or products do you offer?:

Acupuncture and any TCM modalities.

When did you start your business?: 1-Aug-2020

Why did you decide to become a business owner?:

To have more freedom (this was answered in the beginning)

What was your mission at the start of your company?:

To educate, to empower my patients to find healing on many different levels of their life-physical, mental and emotional.

How many employees does your company have?:

1 employee and 4 contractors

Do you like being a business owner?:

Yes! Absolutely!

What is your favourite part of being a business owner?:

Being your own boss, you have the ability to control your day-to-day work life. Have the capacity and capability to help more people.

Why did you decide to start your business in the first place?:

To have more freedom, financially and time.

Do you see yourself as successful? :

Yes, and I never stop learning and upgrading to become even more successful in every aspect of life.

As an entrepreneur are you happy with yourself?:


What are some of the rewards owning your own business gives you?:

Networking, connection, getting to know more people in the community.

What is your most proudest moment as a business owner?:

Being able to give back to the community.

What was the most difficult moment as a business owner?:

Delegating task. In the beginning, balancing personal life and work life was a struggle.

What is something your business does that you are proud to tell others? (Social responsibility)?:

That we are passionate about what we do, each practitioner at ReGen has a unique ability to help people when it comes to their health. We are dedicated to provide you a holistic treatment that supports your well-being-both physical and mental.

Do you have any advice to give start-ups or someone looking to work independently?:

Do your research. Have a solid business plan and be resilient. Any comment that runs along the lines of “that's not possible” or “that can't be done” should be treated as a challenge to prove wrong.

What is a service or platform that helped you business your business or sales?:

Google and instagram

What are your company's goals?:

Our goal is to create a comfortable, healing and empowering experience, so each patient will leave every treatment not just feeling better but with understanding and ideas to make positive changes in their well-being.

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