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How Does Google Merchant Help My Business Grow?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Keeping up with all the new technologies to keep your business well promoted and above your competition can be a constant challenge. We wanted to share our extensive knowledge as a digital marketing agency to help you effectively promote your business.

Google merchant is a software that ____ created back in 2000. It was designed to help boost specific company’s products and place them into the “shopping” section on Google. However, by placing your products in to Google Merchant’s system doe not mean you will automatically receive instant online exposure and sales. Like all of Google’s tools there is an algorithm with a set of rules. Here are a few things to know about Google Merchant:

1. The Google Merchant will bring your business massive online exposure if properly set-up and optimized.

Setting-up Google Merchant

This is a project that takes time and knowledge on how Google’s algorithm works. You’ll need to set your products up so that the finder is able to find them in the search. For example, if you are selling a light bulb your must not just label the product “ Light Bulb” trying placing your product titles with as much detail as possible for example: “ 6 pcs 60 Watt Equivalent A19 Non-Dimmable LED Light Bulb 5000K Daylight”. Giving as much detail as possible will help buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

2. Google Merchant allows your business to accumulate reviews which if positive will help grow your overall sales.

Setting-up Google Merchant

Reviews are a large driving force in the final decision of someone buying your product or investing into your services. Google Merchant allows customers to leave a review on your product after their purchase and this is a great place to allow your products to shine.

3. Google is a very trusted source:

Setting-up Google Merchant

For purchasing and tend to take fraud into their own hands. This helps let buyers feel more comfortable when making a purchase rather than going on a new business’ website which is sometimes seen as a risk for fraud.

4. Before investing your time or money into Google Merchant make sure you have professional product photos.

Setting-up Google Merchant

One of the best investments a business can do is scheduling a professional photoshoot for all the products they wish to sell online. Professional photos translates to professionalism in business making customers more likely to purchase and complete the check-out phase. We recommend having your photoshoot done by a professional for the first time. LIDER Marketing offers professional photoshoots for businesses around the world and they even include an online consultation for business owners looking to eventually conduct photoshoots on their own to save costs.

Photos are a form of Branding so developing a brand strategy is very important. Learn more here

5. Google Merchant is Complex to Set-up:

Setting-up Google Merchant

Most start-ups or small businesses do not have a tech team to help them with building a website, online marketing or technology. Google Merchant isn’t the easiest to set-up but there are business’ like LIDER Marketing who can set-up the software to connect directly through your website. Because the integration is directly onto your website the workload will be less making this service more affordable.

We hope this has helped shine light on one of the most powerful ways you can create easy sales for a small investment of time OR money. Subscribe to our blog for more useful information start-ups and small businesses can benefit from.


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