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Finding Inspiration On Every Turn

LIDER Marketing is a dedicated team of creative and technical professionals who work as hard as you do. We take creativity to a whole new level that is beyond your expectations and budget.


We know how essential great work is needed and how it contributes to the success of your start-up or small business. We are passionate about working awesome with start-ups, small businesses, and independent professionals. Watching a great business grow with us is such an amazing feeling.

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We are a small business agency!

(And super ready to help you reach your marketing goals!)

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See who our team is and what we are crafting and developing

Helping To Develop Inspiration

At LIDER Marketing, we are passionate about providing marketing solutions to small businesses and start-ups to help them achieve their goals. Our digital marketing agency aims to provide affordable solutions and creative design solutions that can kick-start your business and sustain top results for years to come. We understand that running a small business is fraught with challenges, which is why we strive to give our clients the right tools and support they need to succeed.

Founder, Katie Sinare

Starting her first business at 19 years old Katie began her journey as an entrepreneur. She grew up in Montreal, QC and which explains her coffee addiction and love for artist direction and craft.

She started her entrepreneurial journey in photography sought after a great challenge which eventually lead to the founding of LIDER Marketing. She continued to open numerous businesses within the retail and rental industries..


Through her journey of owning several small business including our agency she developed a love for helping the small business community. She branded LIDER Marketing as an agency that caters specifically to start-ups and small businesses to offer fair solutions to organically grow her client's businesses.

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