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The LIDER Marketing's team continues to grow and so does our space! As a digital marketing agency, having a comfortable area to work is so important for creative development! However, as much as we would like our space to encourage productivity we also we wanted to create a space that feels like a second home - because comfort is key right?

Lider marketing work space

It was really important to us to design an open plan layout for the office with various different spaces to work at! Each common space is equipped with the essentials needed to perform tasks within each section. For example, there's a craft section for photoshoots as well as cutting papers or preparing large website wireframes. We also set-up a lounging area by the window some pillows where the team can enjoy their break or even get some work done in a more relaxed position... It's also equipped and designed for social media content creation.

Lider marketing booth

Lider marketing photoshoot area

Last but not least... we created a space where all of our art work gets created (as mentioned above). We conduct our photoshoots, videos, and creating content for our clients and business in this beautiful space!

We hope you enjoyed the mini tour of our new office! Have an office design that works for your business and fits your budget is so important - LIDER Marketing offers retail design as well as office decor services to ensure your work space//store is fully optimized for sales and operations!

We have so many new projects we will be developing so please subscribe to follow our business's growth journey.


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