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What is a Hosting Fee? Do we need a hosting fee for a website?

Are you in the process of choosing a hosting provider for a new website? Are you a creator/small business or start-up looking to understand the essentials needed when creating your first website? If so we. have got you covered! Let's start with explaining the difference between a hosting fee and a domain fee.

  • What is a hosting fee?

A hosting fee is required in order to have your website live on the internet. This fee is paid to a host of a server who will place your website onto their cloud server. This cloud server allows your website to be listed online in the world wide web (www). It will also enable you to attach a customized domain such as: "" .

There are free hosting solutions but much research confirms that free providers are not suitable or the most reliable for business websites as they cause your website to crash due to the large amount of websites cramped within one free server. This makes loading your website very slow which can effect the quality of your brand image through having an unreliable website image.

  • What is a domain fee?:

A domain fee is what you pay to purchase the domain you would like your brand to have. for example "". It is also possible to purchase a different TLD) for example: ".org", ".com", .".net", etc! Each TLD that you purchase will be a separate domain purchase. There is no guaranteed your desired domain will still be on the market as once a domain is purchased it cannot be used to link more than one website.

  • What is the difference between a hosting plan and a domain fee?

The difference between a hosting plan and a domain registration is that the domain fee reserves your customized domain/URL - it is usually also the host for all your emails you create for example: "" , or "", etc. You could also just host your emails in Google or Outlook as those provider do preform better for email hosting.

The website hosting fee allows your domain to connect to your website and will also host your website on their server to have it listed on the world wide web known as "www."

  • How to select a hosting plan?

    • Be sure to check the comparisons of annual/ monthly subscriptions and plan according to your budget and needs

    • Check to see if they charge PER email. Most hosting plans include at least 10- 50 free emails. Partners like WIX do not include these emails into their plans.

  • Some of the best hosting providers:

    • WIX - is an amazing option as they include a free website building in their hosting fee. This editor is very easy to use and most people can create a free website using it. They also have integrated many tools for you to choose from to help run your business - one of the biggest tools is a well-designed CRM.

    • GoDaddy - they're one of the OGs to offer domain hosting. They also have a seamless integration to website builders such as Wordpress, WIX, Shopify and more.

    • Wordpress - depending on the style of website you're looking to create Wordpress handles all types of codes and even offers widgets for web designers to reduce workload. They only offer hosting fees so you would need to purchase a domain from GoDaddy or another domain seller.

I hope this article helped you understand the basics of a hosting fee and a domain fee. If you need any further help designing or building your website please let us know! LIDER Marketing has over 10 years of experience creating WIX websites. We have extensive experience in brand building and start-ups and would be so excited to help you and your business grow! We'd love to set-up a phone chat and see how we can help create that dream website of yours. Please check out our website portfolio at

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Before allowing digital marketing agencies to work for on your website, talk to them about domain and hosting plans. It's important to talk about it so that you will come to know whether you are paying monthly for hosting or yearly. These things will help to know about the plans and you can then work according to your budget.

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