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*This package is for businesses with 1-5 person teams only. Custom marketing solutions are avaialble for larger businesses.


Our business marketing package is made exclusively for start-up and small businesses. We create a business strategy that opens the window to opportunity, exposure and most importantly an increase in sales..


Our marketing consultation package will offer you a fine-tuned strategy that creates an flow to creating the marketing materials you'll need to push your business forward. Coupled with a quaterly progress call our team will review your works to ensure you an your business are on the right route to success.

Marketing Consultation

  • - Branding Strategy

    - Target Audience Review

    - Social Media Strategy

    - SEO Strategy

    - List of Potential Partnerships 

    - Research of Industry/Market

    - 1 video consultation/3 months

    - Complete Booklet with all information aquired within

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