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BE FEATURED: SBR Racing // Best Professional Athlete Trainer in Utah

SBR Racing (we used to be call elevate Triathlon) stands for Swim, Bike, Run. We specialize as professional athlete trainers in Utah for triathlons, as well as coaching for each individual sport including Ultra Marathons. It was open January 2nd 2014 and has been in business for almost 10 years out of a home-based office.

We help each athlete meet their fitness goals to accomplish the finish line of their race. We offer a series of services to assistance and guide our clients to success - a few of our services are fitness testing, bike fits, wetsuit rentals, workshops, group workouts and clinics.

We also are not limited to adults but also children and individuals with disabilities.

Ammie Black Owner of SBR Racing
Ammie Black Owner of SBR Racing

Meet the owner of SBR Racing: Ammie Black

Do you like being a business owner?


What services or products do you offer?

SBR racing specializing in online training plans, in-person workouts and training sessions, workshops and clinics. We also help more than just triathlete we also offer training sessions to teach beginning, intermediate and advanced swimming.

Why did you decide to start your business in the first place?

I’ve been racing for a very long time and am extremely passionate about fitness. I felt as though this was the next step in my career as an athlete.

What’s your favourite part of being a business owner?

Being able to be creative with no limits and implement my ideas better the business.

Why did you decide to become a business owner?

I decide to open my own business because working on something I am passionate about and sharing the joy with others was more than enough motivation for me.

Do you see yourself as successful?

At moment I don’t feel as though I am the standard success but I’m definitely climbing that ladder at the moment.

As an entrepreneur, are you happy with yourself?

I feel as though I can do a lot more and I’m sure in the next few years I’ll get there.

What are some of the reward of having your own business?

As a business owner you have a lot of tax benefits for example I’m able to do “write-offs” for all the training equipments I use with my clients. Another benefit is that I also receive discounts when shopping at fitness stores.

What was your mission at the start of your company?

With years of raining myself, I wanted to provide and share excellent training plans and workouts. It was my way of giving back to the community.

SBR Racing Professional Athlete Training

What are you company’s goal?

For the future my main goal is increasing my customer base to increase sales so I will be able to hire other coaches to work with myself at SBR racing. I would also like to provide free club activities for those less fortunate. I would also eventually like to develop a program for children for parents to keep their children active and happy.

What is your most proudest moment as a business owner?

Just before Covid, I had trained over 38 athletes which was such a milestone.

SBR Racing fitness coach in Utah

What is something your business does that you are proud to others? (Social responsibility)

We offer triathlon training to minorities as finding training can be difficult for them. We really take pride in this of the business.

What is a service or platform that helped your business with sales?

When we first started doing marketing handing out flyers and handouts at sports stores and clubs was really effective for us.

What was the most difficult moment as a business owner?

Having to take a break from coaching due to some extremely health issues. Not being able to coach has been challenging.

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