The Sustainable Entrepreneur (TSE) Project was founded by LIDER Marketing and is designed to help small business owners develop their projects and grow cost-effectively while also adopting sustainable practices into their business. The project raises awareness of the large influences that sustainability and localization have on our local markets and communities, which is the inspiration behind this project. 

We want to bring together as many entrepreneurs as possible and create a custom-built community that is both sociable and prosperous. We want to help foster relationships and inspiration through authentic environments and experiences.


Here are some of our activities we offer to our members free of charge:

  • Free hosted workshops focusing on a variety of business topics as well as sustainability 

  • Talks by experienced entrepreneurs 

  • Seasonal events (Includes: Networking events, small conferences, receptions and more) 

In order to be a part of our exclusive workshops, talks and luminous networking events, you must subscribe and become a member of the TSE project. Once you become a member, you will be a part of our community and will gain access to all that we have to offer to help you develop.


Subscribe and become a member for free today.


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The Sustainable Entrepreneur (TSE) Project
The Sustainable Entrepreneur (TSE) Project

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