LIDER Marketing was really excited to work with TAKEOFF Clothing considering they are a proud Canadian brand with green values. Their products are NOT apart of the fast apparel industry. The inspiration came from the bomber jackets designed during war periods to be extremely durable.  They're jackets are also 3 seasons due to it's specialized technology material that recognizes your body temperature and adjusts to your body warmth.

Website: www.takeoffbomberjackets.com


LIDER Marketing created a massive amount of content through conducting a professional photoshoot and video shoot. 

For social media, all of their platforms were evaluated and a strategy was put into place for the development and management of each  one. Then entire strategy was implemented and posts were scheduled accordingly.

Full SEO was implemented using Google and the Ecommerce website that was created (as seen in the portfolio photos below). The commerce was completed in a 3 week timeframe as per client's request. Services included: Content Creation, Programming, Photos, Videos, Store Back-End, Data Entry and SEO.

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