RamyAdoresHair is a brand created for an independent hairdresser named, Ramy (of course). We wanted to build a personal brand that really brought out her personality and style of work. Located in downtown Montreal she has been doing hair for over 15 years.



LIDER Marketing created a massive amount of content through conducting a professional photoshoot and video shoot on a weekly bases for RamyLovesHair brand. 

From scratch, social media platforms were created and a strategy was put into place for the development and management of each social media platform. The entire strategy was implemented and posts were scheduled accordingly.

Full SEO was implemented using Google and the  website that was created as seen in the portfolio photos below.  Services included: Content Creation, Programming, Photos, Videos, and SEO.

LIDER Marketing created a customized logo to optimize RamyAdoresHair's branding.

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