For a limited time, LIDER Marketing is offering our signature “Small Biz package”, which is custom tailored to fit the needs of small businesses, at a dramatically reduced price.

Package Includes:

● Website design, strategy & development
● Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
● Advertisements ( Facebook, Google, etc.)
● Email Marketing (12 publications)
● Complete branding package
● Content marketing (12 publications)
● Monthly analytics
● Social media development and management
●Business and marketing consultation 


For a limited time, LIDER Marketing is offering our signature “Small Biz package”, which is custom tailored to fit the needs of small businesses, at a dramatically reduced price. We offer this package normally sold at $800/month to you for only $300/month. This exceptional discount is designed to allow hard-working small enterprises an opportunity to obtain affordable marketing services, to expand their business, and to show the many marketing options and strategies available, according to their field. We have personally selected your business for this exclusive discount, available only to a chosen few small enterprises.

The following section details our promotional package, presenting the services we can provide for you and your business.


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1. Website Design, Development and Strategy: 

We will evaluate your website and offer suggestions fulfill your personalized business objectives. We can also implement these suggestions for you at an additional cost, a convenient solution to save your valuable time. 

2. Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 
We will increase your search ranking on Google through carrying out effective SEO . Every month we will create an analytical report demonstrating the progress of your brand or business. Ranking at the top of Google will provide you with free leads, a great alternative to paying for advertisement. 

3. Advertisements:

We locate the most efficient spots to advertise your brand or business. These spots can be online or offline, for example on Facebook, billboards, Google, in magazines, newspapers and more. The budget for executing these recommendations varies by marketing strategy and necessity. 

4. Email Marketing: 
We will work on increasing your email subscribers and using email marketing to advertise your product, events, and promotions. We will then construct 12 strategic email campaigns. 

5. Complete Branding Package (if applicable): 

If your branding is not already developed, or if you are looking for a more effective brand image, then we will evaluate your business and come up with a concept that will sell! Your brand is important when creating loyalty with your clientele – once loyalty is developed your brand will rise with referrals and word of mouth. This service focuses on your logo, business personality and image, and marketing campaigns. 

6. Content Marketing: 

We will develop 12 creative and effective content marketing publications. Depending on your industry, we will create a combination of the following materials: 

● Creative Flyer
● Brochures
● Blog Posts
● Guest Posts
● Short Promotional Videos
● Detailed Social Media Posts

7. Social Media Development and Management: 

Social media is an economical way to increase your sales and obtain valuable clientele. We will develop a strategy that fits your brand and products/services. Once approved by you, we will manage your social media accounts and ensure that your followers and fans are being kept up to date with what your business has to offer. 

8. Business and Marketing Consultation | Monthly Analytics: 

If needed, we also offer our expert opinion to improve your business operations and marketing departments. We also keep you up to date with a detailed monthly analytical report on the returns from your new marketing strategy..

9. Video & Photo Production: 

LIDER Marketing has worked on numerous shoots for start-ups of all kinds; fashion, restaurants, consultants, lawyers and more. Photo and video content are so important in any business' marketing strategies. Visual presentation is so important especially for a small business. This aspect of your marketing campaigns could determine the level of success your campaign reaches.