• Katie Sinare

Off The Grid Local Gin Brewery In Cape Coast, West Africa

I've always been inspired by small businesses for their creativity in marketing their projects and dreams on a budget. With large start-up costs creative kicks-in and allows us to create and produce outstanding ways to keep our dream business afloat. What if resourcefulness and charm is all that was needed to help kick-start your business? In this blog post I wanted to show you an amazing experience I received when traveling in Ghana, Cape Coast in West Africa. 

We drove down to Cape Coast to visit another outstanding organization called, Kakum National Park. On our way to our visit, we were stopped several times by merchants who were selling freshly caught rodents from their farms, bread, fruits, water and so much more. We even saw an store front with a hair salon service. Here are a few photos of these merchant working for their living from dawn to dusk:

The most interesting merchants we encountered were a group of young men who were tending an outdoor wine & gin brewery on the side of the road. They were full of joy and laughs as they took turns tending the pipes and heated pots to ensure the gin was being processed properly.

When we walked up to the facility the merchant greeted us and asked us if we would like to taste both the wine and gin they produced. My cousin and I both said yes, however, when I was shown the gin and wine it looked quite musty. Being the Canadian I am, I politely changed my mind and declined. In the end, we left empty handed but the whole experience had me shaking with inspiration.

To see such a system set-up, with the bare minimum equipment and scraps they produced this awesome facility which produced enough profit to keep them and their families afloat. To give you a few examples, they sold their alcohol in reused plastic water bottles. The sample bowl was carved out of the local wood or perhaps it was a dried and treated coconut skin. They stored their produce in metal tin containers as seen in the photos below:

Many start-ups entrepreneurs believe we need to start their business, hobbies, or projects with only the best/most expensive equipment and materials. Find ways to be creative when looking at more affordable start-up methods, systems and business structures. Be sustainable by refurbishing & repurposing furniture, equipment and packaging. Purchase smartly though locals, resellers, thrift shops, or eco-centres, etc - see how far you can get with those facilities. Every country has their classified and certified standards for business production so be sure to follow them! Where there is a will there is a way! What are some small business you discovered and were impressed with?

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