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How To Make DYI Sustainable & Affordable Gifts For Your Events

Updated: May 31, 2019

I’m sure many event planners/business owners can relate to panicking when wanting to offer guests a gift after they’ve given their valuable time to attend your event. Many businesses and event planning turn to china manufactured gifts due to budgeting. However, what if I told you there’s a way to make exceptional, rememberable gifts at an extremely low cost?

Here are some pointers on making sustainable, affordable and adorable gifts:

Step One: Plan

Most entrepreneurs or professionals we can all agree that without planning we lose money and more importantly time. Brainstorm ideas so you know exactly where to go to purchase your materials and map out where you need to purchase from. You'll avoid over purchasing/producing materials by doing so.

Step two: Sponsor's/Partnerships

Once you have your gift idea ready start reach out to the supply businesses you would like to purchase from and ask for a discount in exchange for marketing their product at your event. In the video above we purchased from Reno Depot and Frenco Bulk store located in Montreal, Quebec. On the back of our brand labels we put a sticker explaining where we purchased it and how these suppliers were sustainable contributors.

Step Three: Purchase

For the delicious gifts in the video, we choose to purchase items we knew most Montrealers would enjoy. Coffee beans and white chocolate! We went to a bulk store (MONTREAL: Frenco) that measures your materials by weight which inebitably brought our pricing down by ALOT. Then we purchased 5 cases of mason jars to put the treats inside at RENO. The twine string we used to attach the branding; this can be purchased at any local dollar store. And the stickers can either be purchased or printed if you're the crafty type! After that you calculate in the labour (if any) and Volia! You have a sustainable and affordable gift for under $2.00CAD-$2.50CAD a jar!

Step Four: Production

In the video above we create adorable gifts for our TSE Event for a total of 56 guests. These hand made beauties took about 3 hours to make with 2 people on the project.

Once you've gotten your basic materials you can choose to brand your gift as we did. Simply print our your labels on paper, cut them out and stamp holes in a corner with space. You can then put the label through biodegradable strings. We used twine string that can be reused after for anything or even placed in the compost (completely eco-friendly)! A great touch was our "Handmade with love stickers" Which touched on the theme of our networking event and made the gift more attractive.

In the end, gifts are always a high point to the end of any great experience. Giving cheap gifts can leave a sour feel to guests who purchased a ticket to attend your event. Be generous and impress your guests with something presentable AND sustainable. It will leave guests with not only a good impression of your event but also your brand. Sustainability doesn't need to be expensive and in the long run you and your brand will benefit from it immensely.


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