Creativity x Marketing

Website design, web creation and web development are key marketing components. We build build websites with strong and effective strategies that maximize on traffic, sales, and search engine optimization (SEO) 

Video production, photo production and all other creative materials need to move your business forward are critical key points for your brand. We have a creative and experienced team to produce quality content that will represent your brand accurately.

Ranking number one on Google is a long and technical knowledge that takes months to learn. We've worked with a number of different businesses to help them reach the top of their competition at a much more affordable price than advertising and pay per click campaigns.

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Social Media is the newest most effective form of marketing that businesses are using to reach a wide target market at a very cost-efficient price. We grow an organic audience and traffic to your pages.

Direct traditional marketing is still as effective as it has always been. We create beautiful marketing materials that are bound to capture the eyes of your targeted client and inspire them to purchase your products and services.

Event planning can be time consuming and costly. LIDER Marketing has all the structure resources to create you a luminous event that is both stellar yet affordable. We coordinate everything from the budget, decor, invites, rental spaces and event the event's content/activities.

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