The Sustainable Entrepreneur (TSE) Project – TerraHumana Solutions

The Sustainable Entrepreneur (TSE) Project partnered up with an amazing small business called TerraHumana Solutions which is a sustainable development consultation firm. They work closely with the Native American community and environment to ensure that mining and developing companies social and environmental impact is minimized or non-existent. The founder of TerraHumana Solutions, Isabelle Bisson, is such a warm and intelligent woman who had a very clear understanding of what sustainability is and how it can be achieved which was so inspiring during my work with her.

The Sustainable Entrepreneur (TSE) Project has completely a short interview with Isabelle Bisson and her team which includes Anthony Fraschetti and Maxine Rist. Please enjoy the video below!

The Sustainable Entrepreneur (TSE) Project always offers support to entrepreneurs who value sustainability and social prosperity. Supporting small and local businesses who bring positive examples and energy to our community is important. We want to bring exposure to the world of social entrepreneurship and sustainable entrepreneurship and allow individuals to understand how simple it is to incorporate sustainable business practices and of-course sustainable living. Isabelle also helps businesses at any size incorporate sustainable and social responsibility plans such as limiting paper usage, reducing emissions and overall just reducing your business carbon footprint on the earth. For more information, LIDER Marketing was given the opportunity to build Terra Humana Solutions’ website so please feel free to visit their website  learn more about their services and projects:

(Website by LIDER Marketing is not complete therefore not yet uploaded. In the meantime,  please see their old website below):

If you are a small business with good values or a love for sustainability please contact us for an interview: