About the Founder

Katie Sinare a bilingual social entrepreneur who the founded LIDER Marketing. Katie was born and raised in the cultural city of Montreal, Quebec. Katie has had the privilege to work with many diverse businesses and companies giving her the valuable experience of being able to work with a very wide amount of businesses within different industries.

Katie is also the co- founder of LetsMarket.it and the founder of SKOD Productions a creative workshop agency managing all creative materials needed for their business’ advertising, flyers/printouts and etc. Being a social entrepreneur Katie is always developing business projects that will bring positive return to society and the environment one project being The Sustainable Entrepreneur.

“The most beautiful things in life are not given but created, you may take what others give you but you must make it your own.”
– Katie Sinare

Why Choose Us

LIDER is with no doubt a name for individuals with intellectual aspirations. We dedicate ourselves to being the most effective and innovative boutique within Montreal by knowing what is out there and confidently doing something different.

We are graciously open to having meetings with our new clients, especially with small businesses and start-ups regardless of the project budget. Why? Because we absolutely love working with small businesses owners - being from Quebec we know about all of the wonderful contributions small businesses bring to our community. Therefore we would love to show our appreciation and help grow and give aid to the business and entrepreneur communities around us.

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About Our Foundation

MONTREAL-BASED boutique, LIDER Marketing, is a full service marketing business that was founded in 2012. The philosophy is to incorporate prosperity in to every project accumulated using the most effective and up to date methods.

LIDER is also very fond of giving back to the community with both clients and our society in mind, which generally gives both sides a very efficient return that delivers satisfaction through everyone and everything.

Did you know?

81% of businesses consider their blogs to be an important asset in their company.
Around 46% of web users will look at social media when or before
making a purchase.
70% of the search links users click on are ORGANIC, NOT ads. (SEO)
Content marketing costs a large 62% less than traditional marketing and
generates about 3 x as many leads.

What Our Customers Think