A Sustainable & Cleaner Canada: 5 Renewable Energy Companies To Watch


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There has been much controversy lately over the construction and safety of oil pipelines. Although many are becoming more environmentally-minded, this doesn’t always translate into practice. As we take to social media in protest of new Canadian pipeline projects and upgrades[1] and go as far as switching banks over their funding of such projects, it is important to remember that consumers of oil drive its demand and the demand for upgraded pipeline systems, and that oil is a major contributor to the Canadian economy[2]. Despite the convenience and price of fossil fuels, they come at a great cost to our planet and future. Elected officials and businesses alike have seen this as an opportunity for Canada to be more than an oil exporter. Here are 5 Canadian companies making waves in energy innovation.


  1. Advonex International[3]

Advonex International is a cleantech company out of Ontario working to reduce industrial dependence on fossil fuels. Petroleum and petroleum-based products are used in much of manufacturing, and Advonex seeks to replace them with other oils and lubricants that are compatible with current infrastructure. They recently received a sizeable federal funding for their efforts[4], and we can’t wait to see what they do next.


  1. Alter NRG[5]

Alter NRG from Calgary, Alberta is working in the fascinating field of waste-to-energy technology. They turn everyday garbage and even hazardous waste into clean gas with an amazing new technique called Plasma Gasification. Many countries are investing in Plasma waste conversion, and we are excited that Canada is joining in!


  1. Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.[6]

Innergex Renewable Energy is a producer of hydroelectric, wind, and solar power from Quebec who are seeing exciting growth in the past few years[7]. They are a perfect example of renewable energy efforts that are commercially viable and realistic.


  1. Pond Technologies Inc.[8]

Pond Technologies is an American company headed by University of Toronto alumni Steven Martin. It uses the oils found in algae to create a green alternative to petroleum for industrial lubrication and an alternative to plastic, called bio-plastics. Who would have thought a solution to keeping our water unpolluted was in there all along?


  1. Clean Current Power Systems[9]

Speaking of water, Clean Current Power Systems uses river turbines to provide reliable power to Canada’s remote northern areas that have relied heavily on oil-powered generators[10]. Their vision of accessible energy is more complex than it sounds, but is very promising considering Canada’s fortunate abundance of freshwater.



By supporting companies such as these, and by encouraging our federal government to support them as well, we encourage a greener future for our country, and someday even a pipeline-free landscape.


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