7 Simple Steps to Winning Your First Client

7 Simple Steps to Winning Your First Client
Start-up businesses and independent professionals all can agree that the hardest aspect of owning a business is sales. Winning your first client is a big step towards owning a profitable business, but it’s not an easy step to make. Weather you’re responding to a need that hasn’t been tapped before or entering into a field with stiff competition, getting that first client isn’t going to be easy.
So here are some tips to get you on the right track.
1. Find A Way To Be Different:
Being different gives people a reason to go with you over your competition. Getting in touch with your target market’s wants and needs is the best way to find out what will make your business stand out. Being different can be anything from extraordinary customer service, to amazingly low prices, to hosting exclusive social gatherings for clients.
2. Dedication & Real Effort:
Success is not as hard to come by as you may think, but it all starts with intense dedication and real effort. Many people ask me how I stayed motivated throughout building up my businesses. The truth is that I poured
my heart, soul, and life into my work. Following through on each and every necessary task takes stamina, but there has to be something deeper driving your efforts. You have to truly believe in your ability to get your business off the ground.
3. Get Personal & Build Friendships:
Clients aren’t just file numbers, they are people. Everyone enjoys feeling connected and appreciated, even in
their professional lives. Just as people look for employees who are a good fit with their business, they also consider personality and values when making partnerships and contracts. Once you or your business is hired be sure to build a meaningful relationship. A few things you can do are:
– Spend time with your clients in a fun and social, but appropriate way.
– Send them interesting articles about things they like or that are relevant to their field
– Send hand written birthday Cards/ Holiday Cards/ Thank You Gifts
– Get to know the people around your clients
4. Persistence & Keeping In Touch:
Be very persistent with your potential clients and keep in touch with existing clients. Why dedicate so much time to potential clients that are not very responsive? Because they may be busy yet still interested in your products
or services. Try to connect with them offer them a special deal, like a discount on their monthly subscription as
a limited time offer, or a percentage off their first order.
5. Be Helpful & Considerate:
A new business relationship takes some time to get used to. Be clear about how your business functions, and direct about what you can do for your clients. Being helpful in a new business relationship entails being open to their questions and concerns, but proactive in addressing the service or relationship before any problems arise.
Be considerate of their time. Do not take up too much of your prospective client’s time, and be patient if they have many questions before
committing to hiring you.
6. Be Authentic:
Authenticity is key in being trustworthy, and trustworthiness is a huge factor when clients are considering who to do business with. Openness and honesty will go far in having them see you as an authentic individual or group, and not as a faceless or corrupt company.